About Us

The VPSCoop is a cooperative of Linux enthusiasts sharing a server colocated in downtown Los Angeles. We wanted something in a better home than underneath our feet but weren't satisfied with offerings of the existing VPS services.

We use virtualization technologies such as OpenVZ to provide each member with a personal, dedicated server. The VPSCoop is constantly looking to add additional members to help utilize the hardware that is available and allow us to acquire more resources for us to share. The goal is to grow to utilize multiple servers in multiple colocation centers to create a reliable platform for our members and to give back to the free & open source community through donations of money and code.

Membership in 2011 is $185 per YEAR (not month).

Member Benefits

Email list: vpscoop@googlegroups.com
Website: http://VPSCoop.org/

- Complete control over your own Server on the Internet.
- Any Linux distribution (AMD CPU -32 or 64 bit)
- Static public IP Address
- 1Mbps burst to 100Mbps (we can always buy more)
- Non-profit volunteer cooperative group

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